Improved layout on mobile

This week's update improves the layout on mobile and adds support for opening multiple sidebars.

Previously, FrontierNav's mobile layout's sidebar overlapped the current page. This caused the content behind it to be inaccessible. It also required multiple clicks to first open the sidebar and then to expand it to view its content.

Now the sidebar appears below the page and can be scrolled to naturally. You can also click the top of the sidebar to auto-scroll it to the top of the page.

This change also allows support for opening multiple sidebars, something the previous layout made difficult. Sidebars are stacked vertically top-to-bottom on mobile.

Desktop layout improvements

On desktop, multiple sidebars used to open in floating windows. This had similar issues as the previous mobile layout; covering the content behind it. So now sidebars on desktop stack horizontally left-to-right.

Future improvements

In the future, this new layout will allow for multiple maps and other visualisations to be open at the same time. This is of course already possible by opening multiple web browser tabs, but browser tabs don't share the same state when editing data and it's tedious on mobile, especially in standalone app mode.

There are other improvements to be made too, such as reordering and resizing sidebars, maintaining sidebars on reloads and being able to jump between many sidebars quickly.

Other changes


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Thanks for reading.