Introducing Wiki Pages

This week's update introduces wiki pages.

FrontierNav is first and foremost about organising and exploring structured game data. However there's benefits to both structured and unstructured data, like how Wikidata supplements Wikipedia. For FrontierNav, I'm hoping to make that combination more streamlined and easier to navigate.

To start, wiki pages are pretty simple, you can find them under the "Overview" section on any entity page. They are essentially text attachments and function similar to image attachments. Like images, text files can be uploaded from your device, but to make creating and editing text easier, there's also a simple built-in text editor and preview. For consistency, text is formatted using Markdown like everything else on FrontierNav.

Wiki pages will be fleshed out further as more data is introduced and needs arise. It's possible that, as FrontierNav's data format matures, wiki pages will become central to how data is formatted and contributed to FrontierNav, similar to other wiki platforms.

Other changes


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