FrontierNav Update: 18 June 2023


Check out the current plans for 2023. To help drive FrontierNav, don't forget to share your feedback and suggestions.

"Yeah!" posts

If it wasn't already obvious, the forum posts on FrontierNav takes inspiration from Miiverse. One major missing piece was to "Yeah" posts, which is basically a "Like" but more open to interpretation. That's been added now, albeit without the emotion options available in Miiverse. There's also no animations and sound effects yet.

Avatar picker

Since introducing randomly-generated unique avatars, the controls for it were piggy-backing off the existing hue colour slider. This made it difficult to actually see all of the avatar options and pick one.

Now with the avatar picker, it should be a solved issue. Going through 360 options is still a bit overwhelming so it could be improved. It's possible the avatar system will change again to be more customisable so unless if there's more feedback around this, I'll probably leave it as it is.

Profile badges

As more features are added around community organisation, there needs to be a way to show what role different users play. So I've added profile badges. Right now, there are badges for patrons based on their tier and administrators (i.e. me).

Badges only appear on profile pages for now until I find a neat way to add them to avatars or name tags without being too discriminatory towards users without badges.

In the future, more roles will be introduced hat give permissions for certain actions like moderating posts and merging change requests. I'm thinking of using names from the Division system in Xenoblade X.

Sponsors page

I've re-introduced the "Sponsors" page. It's more of a "Contributing" page right now to outline ways people can contribute to the project.

The sponsors list is updated monthly, so changes to account mappings and new patrons won't show immediately. If you have any feedback on this let me know. I can add more controls if necessary, for example, if sponsors want to avoid being linked or listed.

Everything's paginated

As new features were added, I avoided introducing pagination as it wasn't needed for low amounts of content. Over the last few updates, I've introduced pagination to various pages. At this point, everything that needs pagination has been paginated. Future features will be paginated by default too since the system is already in place now.

Thanks for reading.