FrontierNav Weekly: 6th April 2020

Progress Report


Critter Calendar

A year back implementing this would have taken a while to figure out the data and query structure. But with FrontierNav's data tables and common APIs, it took me a few hours. Most of the focus was on the user experience. Deciding what's important to show and what isn't.

Using it myself, there are a few more improvements to make. It'd be nice to know the size of each fish at a glance so you know what shadow to look out for. Similarly, an icon for the spawning requirements so you know where to look. Right now you need to click on each item to open the sidebar and find the details.

I might improve it later when I actually need it. I've caught most of the critters for April so it's not that useful to me outside of remembering the most valuable ones to farm.

Context Menu

This feature was surprising easy to implement. Since all of the links in FrontierNav go through a common API now, it was a matter of redirecting right-clicks to open a custom context menu.

I'm always unsure about overriding default context menu behaviour. But considering FrontierNav is a web app rather than a web site, I think the override is warranted for a more natural experience.

Next Up

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is pretty much done for now. I was considering implementing an Auction House which would be useful for other online games. However, since my Switch Online subscription expired (I barely used it) it's not a high priority unless if I see a clear demand for it.

I'll be working towards adding game guides for Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition next.

Thanks for reading.