FrontierNav Weekly: 24th February 2020

Progress has been slow for a bit over a week due to personal reasons. This weekly also covers the week before as I didn't get a chance to write it up for that same reason.

Merge Request Flow

Currently, Merge Requests need to go through me and it requires a full application deployment to apply. That kind of sucks, especially when I have to wait 10 minutes. So, I've been working on making data updates separate from the application.

This will also allow chosen "Editors" to update and moderate games in the future so that I'm not the bottleneck. To add to this, anyone will be able to add games to FrontierNav and with enough valuable Merge Requests, those contributors can become "Editors".

This work is almost done. Annoyingly I didn't get much time to work on it even though it should only take a few hours to implement and would unlock a lot of potential.

Activity Timeline

There's been enough updates now since I introduced the activity timeline to make it public. It's a good way for people to discover FrontierNav's range of features and I've been using it personally so see how alive the website is. So, it's a priority after improving the Merge Request flow.

GitHub Actions

I've been using GitHub Actions to run deployments for a few months now, but recently it's been really acting up. Deployments hang forever, ChromeDriver fails to launch, and so on. I've just turned it off and went back to manual deployments. It's pretty easy to re-enable again when I need it so I'm not too fussed.

Thanks for reading.