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Domain Ownership, Web Authorship and WebVerify


Image Optimisation for Websites

In web development, image optimisation is one of those steps that is easy to over look. Often images are copied over from cameras, phones and websites regardless of how they've been encoded. Encoding is important as all images are an approximation of what we see in the real world and are optimised digital displays which are themselves approximations.

An image from a 4K-optimised camera does not need to be visible in full-fidelity in a website banner. A 128x128 pixel icon does not need to be 1024x1024 pixels. It all depends on where it's used. So copy and pasting images without optimising them can lead to excessive bandwidth usage, rendering and load times.

In this post, I'll be going through some steps that can be taken to reduce all of those problems.


Git Hosting needs Federation

This week, after months of mulling it over, I decided to stick with GitHub. I was planning to migrate to GitLab, mainly because it's open source. I prefer having the option to self-host if and when that time comes. However, as I started moving repositories over, I realised one major flaw: Accounts.


Acknowledging The Fragmented Web

There's been a lot of talk about what the World Wide Web is and isn't. I'm not going into the history of all of it, but I'll share my opinions on the problem and a possible solution.

For clarity, I'll be using 'Web' to mean a collection of related websites and 'World Wide Web' as a collection of all public websites.


Weekly Report: 4th November 2019

Updates for the week commencing 4th November 2019


DNS-over-HTTPS in Firefox 60 and beyond

Firefox has full support for DNS-over-HTTPS. Here's how to turn it on.