Jahed Ahmed

My first attempt at making a Unity game

I've started going through my old blog posts on Tumblr and found my first ever attempt at making a game in Unity back in 2014. It didn't really get anywhere but it was kind of fun. I had zero knowledge of 3D modelling and hadn't made a game in 3D so pretty much everything was new to me.

Unity Game

The aim was to create a shoot 'em up where you can shift the camera angle from 3D to 2D. Similar to Paper Mario but more action-oriented.

It was the first time I also used a game engine like Unity, with its packaged interface and workflow. Can't say I enjoyed it. I did however enjoy learning to use Blender and making very simple 3D models. Figuring out how to texture and UV map was hard though but it was getting there.

Browser MMORPG Update #1

Small progress update on that multiplayer game I started.

MMORPG Preview


The main progress point was finally getting collision detection to work. The problem was Phaser's TiledMap needs a layer specified for collision detection on maps that have multiple layers.

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Playing around with Phaser and Websockets

Played around with websockets using Socket.IO and Phaser today and hacked together an extremely barebones multiplayer online game. The client will probably die with 10 peers so I'm not calling it an MMO (even though the project name is literally "mmorpg"). The amount of optimisations you need to do to get so many active players on the screen updating in real-time is pretty amazing.

MMORPG Preview

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My First True GameDev Project: rpg-one

I was sorting out my projects folder today when I came across this. One of my first original projects from 6 years ago (2009) simply dubbed "rpg-one". The aim was to create a top-down action RPG. It was my first fully planned project with priorities; a first for me at the time after months of overly ambitious abandoned projects.


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