Jahed Ahmed
Interactive Game Guides.
Agility Timer
Timer for Pair and Mob Programming.
Night Patrol
Interactive CLI for Nightwatch.
Functions for using BEM in CSS and CSS Modules.
Composable Functions for Promises.
Type-safe Firebase Real-time Database Security Rules builder.
Terraform Wrapper for NodeJS.
Map Tile Generator for Google Maps, Leaflet and other Map libraries using ImageMagick.
Open Source
Various tools and libraries for your projects.

Audio Dungeon (archived)
Audio Game for the Visually Impaired.
aws-lambda-package (archived)
Packages your code to be executed on AWS Lambda.
terraform-components (archived)
Components for Terraform.
React Dojo (archived)
Exercises for learning React.
Webpack Dojo (archived)
Exercises to practise Webpack.
grunt-json-format (archived)
Grunt Task for formatting JSON files.
grunt-jsv (archived)
Grunt Task for validating JSON files using JSV.
Molecule (archived)
RSS / Atom Feed Blog Aggregator.
Crowd Play (archived)
Trigger input commands using messages from multiple users via IRC.
Minesweeper (archived)
Simple Minesweeper game in Java using Swing.