Jahed Ahmed

How do I pronounce your name?

"Jahed" is pronounced like Jarhead without the 'r'. You can pronounce "Ahmed" as "Ah-med".

What are you working on?

You can find out what I'm working on by checking my blog. In general, my projects consist of websites, and various open source libraries and tooling.

How can I support your work?

If you feel my work is worth supporting, please consider donating using the methods below. Doing so will help fund my projects.

How do I subscribe to your blog?

Use the URL of any page on this website in your Feed Reader to find relevant RSS feeds. Most feed readers should automatically detect feeds listed in each page's <meta> tags. If not, you can find the global feeds in these formats: RSS, Atom, JSON Feed. There are also tag-specific feeds if you only want to subscribe to some types of posts.

If you're looking for a good web-based feed reader, I recommend Feedly. Its free-tier is pretty generous if you don't mind their privacy policy.

Do you support PGP / GPG?

Yes. I use it to sign Git commits and emails. You can use it to send me encrypted messages and data if there's no other option.

My Key ID is 8474A5CEF72F9ACD. You can find it on OpenPGP's Key Server.

How can I contact you?

If you have any others questions feel free to email me at [email protected].