Jahed Ahmed

FrontierNav Update: 29 August 2021



If you would like to support FrontierNav, please consider donating on Patreon or GitHub Sponsors. Doing so helps fund development and keeps the project going.

Patreon Changes

In order to keep things simple with Patreon, I've removed the "recognition" benefits. I previously added these to encourage donations, however the added complexity and maintenance doesn't seem to benefit much. I think my time is better spent building FrontierNav! If recognition is something you care about, let me know and I'll re-think this decision.

As a side note, I also have a GitHub Sponsors account now.

Slow Season

As mentioned before, there's a clear slow down in updates for the last few months. This isn't new or unexpected for FrontierNav's development. Updates tend to come in waves depending on my current focus and free time. Going through my commit history, it's pretty much a sine wave through the year. During Spring and especially Summer, that time tends to be limited. Even more so after a long period of COVID-19 lockdown. So apologies to anyone waiting for updates!

Thanks for reading.

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