FrontierNav Update: 23 May 2021


Link Preview on Discord
Link Preview on Discord

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Link Previews

I was hoping to implement a wiki text editor some time this week but instead had to deal with issues with Windows, WSL and Docker. So I prioritised re-enabling GitHub Actions to deploy and maintain FrontierNav.

While doing so, I decided to push out a solution to link previews, a feature that I looked into months ago.

Link Preview on Twitter
Link Preview on Twitter

It's not a perfect solution but it's the best given current constraints. FrontierNav is still almost entirely client-side, these previews are just static files. Not all pages will have previews and the previews themselves can go stale if any data changes. This is where automation helps as at least I don't need to manually update these previews.

Next Up

As mentioned before, I'm gradually going through the feature request backlog so if you have any feature requests, please share them with me and I'll try my best to look into them.

Next up, I'll hopefully make some progress on the wiki interface.

Thanks for reading.