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FrontierNav Weekly: 1 February 2021



This month, FrontierNav has 1 new sponsor: Jacien. Thank you!

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Patreon Automation

So that I can focus as much available time on development, I've been reducing the amount of manual recurring work. One of those is the need to update the "Sponsors" acknowledgements on the website. I added these as an incentive to help fund development and servers. The problem was that I didn't know who actually wanted to be acknowledged, and who wanted to stay anonymous while still showing their support. I had to ask each individual patron or check their publicity settings.

So, I've made a hopefully final change to the Patreon setup. I've reintroduced the $1+ tier which is now a show of support, this also means it's VAT-free in most countries like the UK as it's a sponsorship with no individual benefits.

Next Up

The work towards decentralisation has started and will continue. It's mostly around planning database migrations and making sure everything will still work. Not very interesting to write about. As mentioned in the previous weekly, the first visible result will be user-level data tables for game libraries. Then user-level tables for pre-defined game tables for things like completion tracking. After that things should be generic enough for anyone to create their own game tables.

While this work continues, I would like to get some visualisation changes out to avoid stagnation. So I'm thinking of switching between visualisation and decentralisation changes week-by-week so that there's a good balance. This approach might affect progress on both so I'll see how it goes for the first few weeks.

Currently, FrontierNav has a very specific presentation. Sidebar on the left, Visualisation (Maps, Tables) on the right. I'd like to make this more flexible so that the data can be presented to best fit what it represents. For example, when searching for a collectible, a map is useful, but it shouldn't just show where to find it, but also the rates, quantities, missions and so on. All in one page, with minimal clicking around. In short, the visuals need to be more dynamic. So I'll be working on an interface to create context-specific visuals. The "interface clean-up" I did a few months back was in preparation for this step so it's about time I got started.

Thanks for reading.

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