Jahed Ahmed

GameDev Weekly: 5 October 2020


Vertical Slice

It took me a while to figure out the best approach to reduce the scope of the game. Most of my time was spent persuading myself to strip out ideas. It's done now, I think. Each time I revisit the design, I lose momentum and motivation so I really want to avoid going back there.

The new game is going to be a gauntlet. That is, a series of combat encounters escalating in difficulty and complexity with some implicit story elements (i.e. show don't tell) to tie it together. I don't know how complex it will get or how difficult I want the A.I. to be yet. I have some ideas, but the main focus right now is getting the first encounter done.

After that, I'll add two more encounters to show how progression works and that will be the vertical slice.

Next Up

Being the first encounter, the mechanics are pretty simple and already implemented. Now I need to polish it. Add animations, sound effects, music, artwork. On top of that, I need to add a title screen and menu.

I'll start with adding the title screen so that I have a complete skeleton for the game. From there, I'll polish it top-to-bottom.

Thanks for reading.