Jahed Ahmed

FrontierNav Weekly: 7 September 2020

Progress Report


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I spent a lot of time last week on theming pages. The reason being I didn't really like how plain the "Community Guides" looked from last week. It took a lot longer than I thought to get everything looking right but I'm happy now with the results more or less.

A bonus to this work is that most of the colours are now stored in context-specific variables which I can use for future theming options like having a "Light Mode" for more light-hearted games like Animal Crossing.

Feature Updates

I noticed I've mostly been listing changes in these weeklies to summarise the week's work, but I hardly ever show or demo them. Previously, I used to share new features in separate posts, but decided to put them in weeklies to reduce the number of posts I make. However, that just makes them hard to discover and bloats weeklies with too much detail. So I'll be going back to sharing new features as they're released.

Next Up

I'll be going back to working on Community Guides next. Editing, drafting and unpublishing being the first things. Then I'll look into integrating it with Universal Search to quickly find relevant details. Once that's done, I can add Wiki-like pages to every entity using the same backbone as Community Guides.

Thanks for reading.