Jahed Ahmed

FrontierNav Weekly: 31 August 2020

Progress Report


Astral Chain

The Witcher 3

Xenoblade Chronicles X

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Community Guides Progress

Going through Xenoblade, Witcher 3, Astral Chain and Animal Crossing gave me a good range of use cases to design for. I've got some mock-ups now of how guides will work. Not just text guides, but also video guides. In a way, they're the same thing. Text goes top to bottom line-by-line and videos go left to right frame-by-frame.

Unlike text guides, video guides can't easily be searched. So it may be more interesting to augment them with FrontierNav's data to make them more searchable. However, text guides will help progress FrontierNav's wiki-like features so I'll continue focusing on that.

The idea is to have a consistent interface regardless of what format the guide is in. It'd be easier to explain if I could share my mock ups but they're in a scrapbook which isn't really shareable. Another thing to think about I guess.

Next Up

After trying the text guide creation process with various games, I decided to use Astral Chain's Lappy Quiz as the main test driver. Being a quiz, it's simple and has references to a ton of other entities which will help test entity lookups and navigation. It's also searched a lot in Google so hopefully it'll help people out. It's basic but I'll be enhancing it with features that can then be applied to more complicated guides.

Thanks for reading.