Jahed Ahmed

FrontierNav Weekly: 24 August 2020

Progress Report



Interactive Maps

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Xenoblade Chronicles X

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

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Next Up

There's still some more quality-of-life work to do on Community Guides. Editing, drafting, previewing, deleting, voting, etc. So I'll be working on those next. Then I'll actually use it to write a guide. After that I can work on augmenting it to work with other features like Universal Search to tie everything together.

I'll also spend some time adding more data for a few games. I did mention The Witcher 3 in a previous update, but I've changed my mind. Since more visitors are using FrontierNav for Xenoblade games, I'll focus on those games instead. I'll also add more Animal Crossing: New Horizons data as needed since I'm slowly playing through it.

Thanks for reading.