Jahed Ahmed

FrontierNav Weekly: 8th June 2020

Progress Report


Xenoblade Chronicles

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Renaming "Lists" to "Collections"

I'm considering renaming the custom user-created "lists" feature to something else. It's a mouthful when trying to explain anything about it as evidenced by the change list (!) above. "Collections" seems to be a popular term in other apps so I might change it to that. However, the worst thing I could do is rename it and still have the same problem. I'll give it some time.

CSV Imports

Importing more data from Xenoblade, I noticed a ton of edge cases with CSV imports based on whether on not certain entities exist or don't and how they're named. It's a bit of a headache to create a "universal" importer for it. So I've simplified it a bit to import data as-is. The CSV is expected to be FrontierNav-ready and the importer just lets you do column-to-column mappings. Anything more complex is easier done using code or a spreadsheet and it's waste of time to try re-implement that level of complexity. It'll also let me draw a line on this feature, get it released, and move on.

Next Up

I'll be releasing the simplified CSV importer next and move onto polishing up the Lists feature by introducing Boards (like Trello). I have some ideas that goes beyond just a "list of lists" but I haven't figured out all of the kinks.

Xenoblade: Definitive Edition has streamlined so many of the issues with the original game that I'm not really getting a lot of requests to add more data. For me, the biggest issue I had were the collectibles which is now solved. So I'm wondering if it's worth adding more data. I'll probably add the remaining low hanging fruit. That is: mining points, enemy spawns and enemy drops. The rest will need to be based on demand. If enough people ask for something, I'll add it.

Thanks for reading.