Jahed Ahmed

Organising My Weeklies and Monthlies

I mentioned a few weeks back that my weekly updates have been very FrontierNav-centric, even though I've worked on other things. So I've looked into why that is and -- if it's a problem -- what can I do to remedy it.

I originally planned to keep all of my weekly updates in a single weekly post. A clear milestone for a week's work. But it's clear while I'm writing that it doesn't flow well with changing topics, and as a result makes me avoid writing about 'lesser' topics in order to keep a specific focus.

I use blogging as a way to maintain my self-discipline and motivation, so when I omit specific topics, I'm essentially marking them as not worth doing. That's great as a way to focus my time, but it also means I'll never have the motivation to try new things that I'm not good at. Specifically: Game Development.

So, to remedy this, I'll have two weeklies: "GameDev Weekly" and "FrontierNav Weekly". Both posted around the weekend. Any topics that don't fit within these weeklies will have separate posts and won't be aggregated, until there's enough to aggregate.

To match, I'll also have my monthlies. The monthly "FrontierNav Report" will become "FrontierNav Monthly" and there'll be a new "GameDev Monthly" once there's enough content to warrant it.

Every topic on my blog has its own RSS/Atom feed so if you'd like to subscribe to anything specific, you can visit a tag index and add the URL to your feed reader.

I looked into creating mailing lists, but most services require sharing my home address with the general public to be compliant with certain laws... so that's a no-go. If you have a solution for this, do let me know.

Thanks for reading.