Jahed Ahmed

FrontierNav Report: February 2019

Progress Report

Changes in February


Full changelog on GitHub.

Developer Tooling

The changelist for last month looks a bit small, there's a reason for that. FrontierNav has a lot of developer tools surrounding it. These are for things like generating content, running tests, starting local servers, etc. They've been stagnating for a years with bugs and missing features. So I got round to improving them.

The most substantial tool was Night Patrol, which is what I use to test FrontierNav. It saves a lot of time in the long run as I don't have to manually click around the site to see if anything is broken.

Full changelog of Night Patrol.

Map Legend Toggles

There's been a few more requests to add a marker toggle for the maps to reduce noise.

Toggles were deprioritised as clicking on markers for collectibles and enemy spawns was a bit pointless; since there's a lot of them and they're pretty ambiguous visually. Most users use the search to automatically go to a relevant marker.

However, since this has been a long-standing request, I'll be adding it.

Next Steps

As with last month's report, I didn't manage to get much done in the data entry side. So I still need to fill in the missing data for Xenoblade 2 and improve its presentation.

Thanks for reading.