Jahed Ahmed

FrontierNav Update (2016-03-23)

Mobile & WiiU improvements

Mainly focused on fixing various UX and technical issues on mobile and WiiU browsers as there's substantial traffic coming from those devices. WiiU performance isn't great but it can't be helped, it is useable now at the least.

I didn't spend much time on these changes so the UX can be a bit clunky, the main aim was just getting feature parity with the desktop/larger view.

Outstanding Issues on iOS Safari:

There's only one notable problem at the moment. The browser navigation controls (sharing, url, back/forward, bookmark, etc.) don't hide themselves. This means there's less screen space for the app. Not much I can do about this as the Safari browser doesn't seem to understand that some pages want to be fullscreen.

Outstanding Issues on the WiiU Browser:

Due to the dated browser the following issues won't be fixed: