Jahed Ahmed

Audio Dungeon

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Audio Dungeon is a game which was developed as part of my final year project at university.

It's an audio game which is made primarily for people who are visually impaired but can also be played by fully sighted people too. Being an audio game, it has no visual interface and the game is entirely represented in non-speech three-dimensional sound.

The game is written in Java and uses LWJGL for its OpenAL wrappers. Sound files are provided by Freesound.org and OpenGameArt.org. As sounds are more placeholders at the moment and may change, I'll credit the specific creators once I have a release version available.

Playing the Game

To launch it, just run the "run.bat" file in Windows. It should work on Linux and OSX too with a similar command (see the README). You'll need Java 7 installed and if you're using an old operating system you'll need OpenAL 1.0 or higher.

In the game, you start in a procedurally generated dungeon which consists of rooms with traps and enemies. You need to go through the rooms and find the teleport to the next level. The levels get longer and harder as you progress and there are items, equipment and spells to help you. The game will end at the teleport in Level 99. There are certain hints to help you find things (traps, monsters, items, doors, teleports, etc.)

More in-depth details on the game are in the provided README file. You can press F1 in-game to view it too.